Running and Business

“One run can change your day. Many runs can change your life.” - Unknown

Today I finished another 10K race. For all of you non-metric users that’s 10 kilometers, or approximately 6.21371 miles. During the run today, well jog, I realized something at kilometer three. How I run a race is how I run my business, and here’s how. 

Supporting others is one of the things I enjoy most.

Run: Running might look like a solo sport but it’s far from it. The race I ran today had 404 participants. My time might not be the fastest, but every runner that passed me got a thumbs up, “Nice run”, “Keep it up!”, “Great job” or some other shout between breaths. There have been races that people have stopped me after the race was finished and said thanks or asked for a hug. That right there makes it worth it a run over the top.

Business: Supporting entrepreneurs is what my team and I do every day. It’s the reason why Made in Monique started.

If I kept my mouth shut I would get further a lot faster.

Run: Although shouts of encouragement come constantly out of my mouth, if I just kept my mouth shut I would be able to save my energy and run further, faster. The thing is, without chatting you don’t get to meet all these amazing people. I’d rather put 15 seconds on my end time to meet a new friend.

Business: When working I stop during the day and catch up with fellow VAs. This makes the day so light and positive. I might be adding time onto my day in the end, but it’s worth it for the virtual coffee with a friend. 


Steady as I go is just fine with me.

Run: There are no shortcuts. Running the route and knowing that you took every step the right way, let’s you finish with your head held high.

Business: Short cuts are becoming more common in social media marketing with buying followers. I would rather grow a business with the right audience, then a bunch of dead accounts or people that don’t care.

I’m making a difference.

Run: Many times due to my lung capacity I’m finishing near the end. That’s fine. By participating and finishing the race, I’m supporting and bringing awareness for the cause that is hosting. Today it was first responders. Last week it was a 5K at the zoo. Running for causes that I care for brings an entire new meaning to the sport.

Business: Made in Monique is constantly giving back. Every month we pick one entrepreneur or business and design their website for them free of charge. We also work with to support entrepreneurs worldwide by investing in their businesses.

It just makes me feel so damn good.

Run / Business: Is it possible that the same endorphins come out during a run as they do while writing a new Passion to Project Strategy? I just feel so excited after a race and finishing a strategy for a new client. This euphoric state lasts from hours to days. I’m not sure if you’re a runner, jogger, volleyball player, or weight lifter. Whatever you’re doing outside your business, make sure you’re taking the time out for your health. If you can’t find time in your day, click below to see if you qualify for working with our support team who will help you find that personal time again.

Remember, success is nothing unless you’re healthy enough to enjoy it. If you're putting your health to the side because you're overrun by your business, we'd love to help.


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